My initial impression of Brisbane was that it reminded me of London, and just another English speaking country in general. As I arrived halfway through the day, I had a look around the Southbank and ended up at a Christmas market in a vest, shorts and flip flops which was quite strange for me.

Saturday, I got the bus up to the lookout at Mt Coot-Tha, around 20 minutes away or so. It was quite a nice day so I went on a couple of walking paths, then had a 40 minute wait for a bus down, where all you could here was jingle bells being played on the sodding bagpipes. Of course the day I forget to bring my headphones out with me. I had a walk around the CBD, then went back to the hostel.


Yesterday’s weather forecast was pretty shocking so I didn’t want to do much. I left the hostel for a walk and to read for a bit, and missed really, really heavy rain by about 30 seconds.

One of the things that has been really, really bugging me over the past six weeks or so has been the lack of consideration people have for others. I’m not saying that I’m expecting a Nobel Peace Prize award for my behaviour in hostels, but common decency goes a long way and it seems like I shared a room with a complete fuckwit again, this time in Brisbane. Seems to be nocturnal and coming in at 4am, starting a conversations with people, and last night he found someone who was also French to not shut up with. It’s getting to the point where I’m thinking my one year visa is more than enough, but I have to be the bigger person and choose what will benefit me the most in the near future despite being constantly pissed off by other people. I remember staying in an eight bed dorm in a party hostel in Prague; everyone was so careful coming in at 4am to not wake anyone up. One morning at 7am someone answered their phone whilst the seven other of us were bewildered as to why you would do that, and I wish people over here were like the travellers I was with in Europe.

Today, I ventured off to the Glass House Mountains, and I think I climbed my first mountain. There’s a few that you can climb up, but Mt Ngungun was the most accessible. To get up there, have a sit down and a sandwich, then back down took the same amount of time as BeyoncĂ©’s platinum version of the I am… Sasha Fierce album. It’s a bit of a shame that there wasn’t a blue sky, but I was glad to not be sunburnt. It may come as a shock that walking/hiking paths are some of my favourite things to do over here; it is so nice to get out if a city, not run the risk of someone on their phone walking into you and people on the paths are so friendly.

Tomorrow, I am off two hours up north where I’ll spend Christmas, then Fraser Island for New Years. I also decided that once I know where in the world I am in October, I’ll be off to Japan for two to three weeks.


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