Another Monday, Another Trip to Melbourne

Monday was supposed to be chilled but halfway through the train ride into the city I’d realised that I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me (yes I’m being serious) so a trip to h&m was in order. Other than that, I had a few things to do and checked into the hostel. During the evening I was thinking about going to the cinema but there wasn’t a lot on. Instead, I went to the ACMI and saw a documentary in their cinema about Obama’s last year in office which was pretty interesting. There’s a few things they have coming up which look good, and will also be when I’m back in the city.

Tuesday, I started the day off being a tourist. First stop was the Queen Vic Market which wasn’t all that, then I went to the ACMI to have a look at their screens exhibition – it’s quite interesting and a good way to kill some time playing video games. Afterwards, I went to visit a friend at work then went off to see the Foo Fighters – I managed to get a really good spot in the crowd. Weezer were on first and I enjoyed their set but the Foo Fighters were awesome. Perhaps a bit too much with their guitar solos but it was up there as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Wednesday, I slept in and went to South Melbourne Market for a late breakfast – I had planned to take a day trip to Wilsons Prom which ended up getting cancelled – the weather was shit anyway. Spent most of the day chilling then saw a friend who I did my farm work with; was great to see her again. The whole hostel got banned from drinking goon within six weeks of me being there, then we had regular alcohol bans, for which everyone put the effort in to hide the fact that we were drinking, but other than that the ban was always ignored. After I left, apparently there was a “crackdown” of people drinking goon from coloured bottles/out of mugs so the backpackers would cut the string off of a teabag, stick the string to the cup and filled it with goon so it just looked like they were drinking a lot of tea.

I worked 22.5 hours this week. The next few weeks I’m not working a lot so it’s going to be four days off and around 30 hours I think. At the moment I have enough money saved up for Asia so I’m using work to pay my rent and to go towards my days off. The next four days I have off so I was thinking of going to Torquay, one of the stops of the Great Ocean Road. You can get there by bus but I thought sod it, I’ll hire a car and do the whole bloody thing. One of my hangups with driving I think is that I’ve always been hesitant with it as there’s an instructor who knows where I’m going and not myself – as long as I don’t go too fast I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be packing a bag, absolutely nothing booked bar the car hire. I think the plan is to do the Great Ocean Road tomorrow and just get back here pretty late, then the couple of days after go to the hot springs (apparently the best in the world, I’ll see how they compare to Budapest’s baths) and Phillip Island.


Working Hard on the Coast

My seventeen days of work in a row came to an end so I had a well-needed day in bed. It was 35 degrees outside and I had to pop to the shop; opening the front door was like opening an oven. In the city it reached 43 degrees and actually got so hot there were traffic delays on a motorway as the road itself started to melt. I got sunburnt. Again.

Work has gone really well, definitely the best team I’ve ever worked with. In a way, it’s a shame it’s a temporary job as I could really develop my career there, but I’d rather go travelling – what a first world problem. I’ve been doing the cold starters/pastry section which is really easy and the fryer section which I prefer, I just don’t like cleaning the fryers. Especially when there’s three of the bloody things.

On my day off, I booked up to go to Africa. I saw that the company I’m using are allowing people to put a deposit of $1 on a trip so I thought to put a deposit on, then I compared the prices to the UK website. The UK website was £200 cheaper, and I accidentally paid for the whole trip rather than just a deposit. Whoops. So, I’ll be leaving Australia I think four days before my visa expires, then from South Africa I think I’m just going to make my way to South East Asia and work my way up towards Europe, so I need to book a flight from Melbourne to Zimbabwe and then from South Africa to Malaysia. Don’t really want to have to leave Australia, but I’m so bloody excited to travel.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had my own room which I’m actually really bored of already. I’ve spent a lot of time in hostels and I’m seriously considering just living in one again. Since I started travelling, I’ve not really had my own space so I’m used to that anyway. I’m quite mindful that by the time I get back to Melbourne I’ll have five months left on my visa and I’d rather be paying $170/week max to live in a hostel, have a laugh and not give a shit than $220+ for my own private room and be bored after a week. The only problem being that I will have limited WiFi and won’t be able to have a Netflix binge as and when I please.


Last Week in Melbourne

Had a bit of a chilled out week this week. Work wasn’t too difficult but didn’t really do that many hours – I was so pumped to get three days off this week after having three days off in the past three weeks, but I had to work one which was pretty unnecessary.

On Monday I did the 1000 Steps Walk in the Dandenong Ranges, really nice walk but wouldn’t recommend doing it on a 32 degree day. On a scale of one to my farm work in Queensland as to how sweaty it was, it definitely was up there.

Friday night I went out with a some friends and when I got back in, the people who I rent this place from invited me and the others in the flat out with them. Yesterday,  I was off which was probably for the best and today I worked a few hours and just chilled for the rest of the day and am going to have an early night.

Tomorrow, I’m working which I don’t really mind too much as I’m getting paid some pretty nice penalty rates, then am off to a friends house afterwards. Boxing day I’m moving so have been pretty busy getting all of my shit together. I’m a bit gutted to be moving as I wanted to see a bit more of the city, but having worked and gone out so bloody much over the past month it hasn’t really been doable.


Another Busy Week

It’s been another busy week, worked around 55 hours with a 14 hour shift too.

Monday was my day off so I went out with a friend for a few drinks and had quite possibly the worst game of pool that Chapel Street has seen in a while. Tuesday, I was invited for a drink or two which turned into an absolute bender and had an early start on Wednesday at work. It’s a miracle that I was only two minutes late and didn’t chop another body part off.

All I’ve really been doing this week besides going out is going to bed and going to work. It was confirmed the other day that on the 26th I’m moving, hopefully rent-free, away from Melbourne for a bit. In the past three weeks I’ve only had three days off, I (hopefully) have two days off next week, and then should be working six days a week until February. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though and will be taking my time on a roadtrip down the west coast afterwards.

The weathers meant to be really nice over my days off next week so I’m going to go to Mt Dandenong to do the 1000 Steps Walk – been meaning to do it for bloody ages but either the weather’s been shite or my feet hurt.


In Need of a Rest

I’ve had a really busy week: my workweek runs Sunday to Saturday, for which I worked just over 60 hours, and today I worked another six. Most of the drinking, not getting much sleep, pissing around and working heaps has now caught up with me – I’ve definitely burnt the candle at both ends and now I’m just absolutely knackered. My sprained neck has flared up again this week, both my feet are buggered, my back hurts, even my chiropractor can tell that my liver isn’t happy. At some point soon I need to have a couple of days where I just relax – my only day off for the next week is tomorrow and possibly out after work both Tuesday and Wednesday so maybe that’ll come on my next couple of days off. For sure it’s been a fun and crazy few weeks but I seriously need to rein it in a bit.

I’m also hopefully moving in a few weeks for work – a month to six weeks or so, and then heading off on my travels. It’s meant to be a really nice place that I’m heading to so hopefully I’ll be a good enough driver to take a few day trips in the area. It’s not in Melbourne, but in the grand scheme of things, pretty close by anyway.

The start of this week isn’t looking too busy for week but come Friday it will be insane – I’m expecting something close to 60 hours again. It’s all hourly pay too, with extra pay on Sundays so I work all the hours that I can get, only a couple of weeks and the Christmas season will be over, then hopefully on the coast for a crazy-busy-hourly-paid few weeks.


Working through the Melbourne summer

The past week I’ve been trying to take it easy. The drink or two I went for last Sunday turned into more like a drink or eight, then got asked to come to work on my day off the following day. That wasn’t fun. There’s been a fair bit of work over the past week, 46 hours over five days then this coming week is meant to be the busiest week ever with me working over six days. Every day bar Sunday should be around the ten hour mark, but I’m expecting to be put on at least a couple of 15 hour shifts.

Today I had a driving lesson which went alright – I think I just need a few more hours on the road and then I can take a few trips around Victoria. Around/after Christmas I’m hoping to do some trips to Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula, but I don’t trust myself to drive back from a wine trip to the Yarra Valley.

With Christmas coming up, we’ve had some Christmas music blaring out of the kitchen. Thankfully not the kind of music I’d be listening to on the radio, but instead I’ve had Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo stuck in my head a fair bit. With the hot weather last week, the kitchen hit the 35 degree mark, the same as what I was planting melons in. It’s meant to piss it down the whole of this week, then we’ll get some nice weather next week.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a trip, probably for around three weeks, around some of Eastern Europe, and also Iceland before I bugger off to Asia for a long term trip. Last year I had two winters, so it’ll be nice to have two summers next year.


From now until Christmas I am working a lot more than usual, so not really up to much.

Last week I managed to burn my forehead at work, but besides that and the amount of Harry Potter comments I received, my new job is going pretty well. The job is getting prepared for functions and dinners so definitely not so stressful – I’ve had a fair few comments now from friends about how chilled out I seem compared to a couple of months back.

Apart from work, I’ve caught up with some friends – been to a rooftop bar, some places around the city and to a friend’s place. Last weekend I went out for “a quiet one” and ended up going to bed at 4pm the next day – it took me a good five or so days to recover from that one but was well worth it. During the week I saw a friend who’s going back to the UK next week so was nice to have a catch up and to have dinner in China Town with her before she goes and I’ve also been to the pub a couple of times as well. Yesterday, I went to a Spring Festival Market in Ballarat with some friends which was really nice, today I’m meeting a friend in the city for a drink and tomorrow I’m just going to chill.



Work Work Work Work Work

I’m halfway through a 11 day workweek.

For Monday, I said I was going to be a tourist for the day. I woke up at 1pm so that wasn’t really going to happen. Went to the CBD instead and did some shopping for when/if it becomes summer this year. It looks hopeful though, as today and yesterday were pretty hot. Tuesday, I started working with a friend of mine who I worked with last year which has kept me busy for most of the week.

Wednesday was my second shift at the races and it was actually quite fun. For the first time since March I had to put suncream on before my shift, for which I worked at an open bar and thankfully not planting melons. It’s fun until you realise how you wish the roles were reversed – drinking at the open bar instead of working for it, but it was a nice workday. And I went home and cracked open a beer so it was all good. My social life is actually starting to pick up now as I have a fair bit of time outside of work.

As I have a lot of time off, I’ve been wondering what to do with myself as I don’t want to go back to just working and sleeping. There’s a rock climbing place around the corner which I think it’s aimed at children; despite the fact that I am still sore and bruised to shit two days later it is pretty good and I can make it up to the top of a few of the walls so I’ll be making a habit out of it.

After finishing work today I thought I’d pop to Abbotsford Convent and the park nearby – I didn’t stick around for long as I’d get sunburnt but it’s definitely a place that I’ll visit on a day off and not in black skinny jeans.


For the week ahead, I’m working every day until Saturday – I have the next few evenings off so I’m going to be out for a couple of them at least. Thursday morning I may climb up a few walls again before work, Friday I’ll chill before work and I’ll find something to do on Saturday.


Back to Melbourne, Back to Work.

Had a few nice shifts last week – Monday I came home from Tassie, Tuesday I had off then worked straight through to the weekend, having Sunday off and spent the evening down the pub. It’s been one of the weeks where I earn enough to cover rent/food/wine and to put some money away, but I’ve gotten myself a second job working for a friend – it means not many more days off for the rest of the year but for sure I’ll be able to take January off and to put some money aside for Asia.

I also managed to finish watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It took a good couple of days commitment but was bloody good.

The plans for January are the Australian Open and to see the Foo Fighters and Weezer. I want to do a roadtrip from somewhere in Western Australia to Melbourne, driving Adelaide through to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road, but anyone who has seen me behind the wheel would know that I need some lessons. Summer would probably be the worst time to visit Uluru but at least I won’t be planting melons in that heat, then I might go to Tasmania again but we’ll see. Between January and the time my visa expires, I want to do a trip to the Northern Territory then visit Port Douglas and the Whitsundays when the weather is good.

As it’s public holiday tomorrow, some places in hospitality pay you extra to work certain hours and days, resulting in a 100% chance of me being off tomorrow. I have a few things in mind as to what to do as I probably should do something other than sleeping but it just depends on the weather.


First Week Back in Melbourne – Time to be a Grown Up

This week has probably been the week that’s put everything that’s going to happen until January into place. The job hunt has been successful, I’ve settled into the house and drank a fair bit of wine.

I was looking to work with the agency again but as it’s winter they’re not busy so they’ve said to look elsewhere and to keep in touch just in case. To cut a long story short, I got a job which I’m so impressed with – it’s a really respectable position in a great restaurant, the team seem to be great and I know I will be able to save a decent amount for travelling next year. It’s a lot more professional than my previous jobs – more responsibility than what I’ve been exposed to before. It seems now that the places that I’ve worked previously are starting to get me noticed and the placements and work experience that I did when I was younger are starting to pay off. My hand is still buggered from a drunken injury from a few weeks ago – will probably take a fair few days to finish healing so the next few days will be interesting.

Today, I worked a shift that I saw advertised on Facebook. It was a short shift in a cafe, not difficult at all and really laid back. I’ve mentioned before that my job pays well out in Australia, especially in comparison to the UK. I would’ve been happy with $20/hour and was expecting around $22. It ended up being $50/hour; I seriously thought they were bullshitting me at the end of my shift. This time in Melbourne I’m going to be a bit more grown up with my money; todays shift is enough to pay for a flight to Bali and still have money leftover.

Outside of work related things, I met up for breakfast with one of the girls who I met in Ayr and had a 50 day Snapchat streak with. It was really nice to see her and to be able to shit-talk about Ayr. When she’s in Melbourne for a while we have plans to get pissy on a wine tour of the Yarra Valley together which I’m excited for, we’ll probably do a fair bit together. Tonight I think I’m going to go out for a couple of beers, but as I start a new job today this literally means a couple of beers and nothing like the average night out in Ayr.