First Week Back in Melbourne – Time to be a Grown Up

This week has probably been the week that’s put everything that’s going to happen until January into place. The job hunt has been successful, I’ve settled into the house and drank a fair bit of wine.

I was looking to work with the agency again but as it’s winter they’re not busy so they’ve said to look elsewhere and to keep in touch just in case. To cut a long story short, I got a job which I’m so impressed with – it’s a really respectable position in a great restaurant, the team seem to be great and I know I will be able to save a decent amount for travelling next year. It’s a lot more professional than my previous jobs – more responsibility than what I’ve been exposed to before. It seems now that the places that I’ve worked previously are starting to get me noticed and the placements and work experience that I did when I was younger are starting to pay off. My hand is still buggered from a drunken injury from a few weeks ago – will probably take a fair few days to finish healing so the next few days will be interesting.

Today, I worked a shift that I saw advertised on Facebook. It was a short shift in a cafe, not difficult at all and really laid back. I’ve mentioned before that my job pays well out in Australia, especially in comparison to the UK. I would’ve been happy with $20/hour and was expecting around $22. It ended up being $50/hour; I seriously thought they were bullshitting me at the end of my shift. This time in Melbourne I’m going to be a bit more grown up with my money; todays shift is enough to pay for a flight to Bali and still have money leftover.

Outside of work related things, I met up for breakfast with one of the girls who I met in Ayr and had a 50 day Snapchat streak with. It was really nice to see her and to be able to shit-talk about Ayr. When she’s in Melbourne for a while we have plans to get pissy on a wine tour of the Yarra Valley together which I’m excited for, we’ll probably do a fair bit together. Tonight I think I’m going to go out for a couple of beers, but as I start a new job today this literally means a couple of beers and nothing like the average night out in Ayr.


Back in Melbourne

It is so cold here.

So on Wednesday last week I flew back here. It’s a long story but a few of us figured out that our money-grabbing hostel owners owe us a fair bit of money which quite conveniently took far too long for them to sort out. So now I have to keep in contact with Ayr to see if I can get like $200 back. Cheeky shits.

I spent the first night here in the same hostel as before; apparently I’m dubbed as the “super guest” as I’ve spent a lot of time there. My first full day I looked at a flat I had arranged to see last week. It didn’t look too bad on the internet, however, the only way I can describe it is something that I really shouldn’t say on the internet. It was a two bed apartment, there was no living room because there were two beds in it – the size of the two bedrooms and living room was comparable to my studio flat in London that just housed me, and this flat had I think twelve to fifteen people living there. Absolutely no chance was I going to live there.

After returning from the CBD to St Kilda, I had a look on Facebook and had arranged a flat viewing for the same day, and I’m living in it now. I’m sharing a room with two other girls, I think there’s around twelve people living here which is alright. If I were living out here full time, I’d like at least my own room, but this is better than what I’ve been living in over the past five months.

When I was younger, a girl in my year 5 class moved to Australia, and I have her as a friend on Facebook. I messaged her in the airport the other day, she invited me to stay the night round hers and have a few (several) drinks with her partner and neighbour. It was great to see her, a bit strange to hear her accent, and to find someone that can swear more than I can. I enjoyed the night and we’ll be meeting up again.

Apart from that, I haven’t done much over the past few days apart from going to buy some winter clothes because it is so bloody cold. I’m talking cold as in I wouldn’t be surprised if a penguin walked through the front door and made itself at home. One of the things that I’m looking forward to seeing in the CBD is the Wallace & Gromit expo, though it is on for a further three months so it’ll probably have to be done on a Tuesday or something in the middle of August. There’s also a Van Gough expo at NGV, but I won’t pay $30 for it.

There seems to be no work available for me this week which is a pain in the arse, and if I don’t get a phonecall on Friday for work, I’ll have to start looking to get a job in a restaurant nearby as I can’t afford to sit on my arse and not get paid for it. It’d cock up my plans for going to Japan next month if I do that, but will have to wait and see what happens.

Melbourne & The Australian Open

The main reason I came back to Melbourne was the Australian Open – I’d booked tickets whilst in Sydney, and have since been looking forward to the Melbourne climate. What should’ve been a five or six hour travel day from Cairns turned out to be around the 13 hour mark, but bearing in mind that I have a 30+ hour travel day next week it’s not too bad.

Unfortunately, my first day was eventful: a change of plans on the tram into the city made me miss Bourke Street on the day a car got driven down there, had they not changed I would’ve been either down Bourke Street or very close. The first couple of days I spent in Fed Square watching the tennis on the big screen there, as well as a visit to Hosier Lane.

On Monday I went to see the games. My ticket covered four matches,  but after three my brains were pretty fried. I saw the mens doubles where Bryan/Bryan won; the only remaining Brit Johanna Konta beat the Russian Makarova and Brady from the US pay against Lucic-Baroni. I missed the last game, a mens singles, but enjoyed my day and caught the Nadal game back in the hostel.

For me, time spent in Melbourne isn’t complete without a trip to the pub so I made sure that happened. Last time I was in the city I wasn’t too fussed by it, but now I’ve been gone and the weather is heaps nicer, I realise that it is actually bloody good.

If all goes to plan between now and the end of the year, I should be able to take some time off work in Januay and I intend to re-visit the Australian Open. I hope to splash out a bit and see a few matches and maybe even a final.

Melbourne: Week Fifteen

This week turned out as expected: heaps of work. I didn’t have Friday off, then I had it off, then got booked in for work. I had my last shift at work earlier on today which once again brought my hours up to above 60, and a payslip that I shall be quite happy with.

Besides work, I went back out again with the tour operators Hike and Seek to the Great Ocean Road. The tour once again was really well done and they provided me with a copious amount of coffee, which was well needed after the past couple of weeks. The company are really taking off which is great to see, especially as the people behind it are lovely, and when I’m back in Melbourne I’ll definitely check out their tours that they are starting.




Last night I came back to the hostel last and there were people pouring alcohol down their necks almost as though the world was about to end, and I am so glad that I’m not participating in that kind of shit. Although a box of something that vaguely resembles wine costs under $10 and the following day unable to function, I’d rather just spend the money on something that I will really appreciate.

Tomorrow will be my first day where I can wake up after 5.30 am since last Thursday so I’m going to take advantage of that and get more than six hours sleep. I’m going to go out into the CBD and buy stuff for the next leg of my trip, then Tuesday I’ll carry on planning before I leave Melbourne on Wednesday.

Melbourne: Week Fourteen (and a Half)

Last week wasn’t that eventful – I was still off work for the most part, only worked three shifts. I went out on the piss on Friday and ended up with a shift on Saturday thanks to my drunken antics, so now I have a new answer to the how easy is it to find a job in Australia question. It was actually quite an enjoyable shift. Besides work, I went for a walk down to St Kilda Beach and, as usual, been for a few drinks.

One night during the week I shared a room with the most inconsiderate people who when asked to shut up at 1/2/3am got louder and tried to make us not sleep. Me being me, I sent the reception a shitty email which was described as “sassy yet professional” by someone I showed it to. It resulted in three people getting chucked out of the hostel which was a spectacular result.

Saturday I went for a 10km hike in the Grampians National Park which was bloody good – I went with the tour operators Hike and Seek, who take you on the 6 hour round journey in their combi, as well as guiding the walk. It was so nice to get out of the city for a bit, especially on a day with perfect weather for a walk.



This week so far I have worked 30 hours, and might be having another 17-30 or so left depending on a few things. It’s finally my last week in Melbourne and shall be on the move again on Wednesday next week, which means that my blog posts shall become a lot more exciting. In the meantime, I’m going to actually get some sleep on Monday and get my shit together for continuing with my travels.

Melbourne: Week Twelve

This past week has been rough: over 60 hours worked over six days in a row. I woke up on Thursday excited for Friday evening so that I could sleep and not have to wake up until the afternoon, probably a sign that I need to reign it in a bit. I’ve still managed a few beers though, which means that the week wasn’t a huge disaster. Tonight,  I played some Cards Against Humanity with the long-termers in the hostel which was a laugh.

Next week will thankfully be a lot quieter on the work front, and have booked Monday and Sunday off, so I can actually do something semi-productive tomorrow. With only three to four weeks left in the city,  I’ve booked up to go on a 11km hike at the weekend and there are a few bits and pieces that I want to do. Tomorrow, I’m going to find a cafe, caffeinate myself up and come up with a definite plan for leaving the city and what I’m going to do in the meantime, as well as booking some flights to Tasmania and Hong Kong.

Melbourne: Week Eleven

As predicted, this week has consisted of the fun stuff: getting up at 4am for work, getting my back sorted out, and the stuff that is actually fun in a non-sarcastic manner: beer – I went for drinks a couple of nights in a row.

When I am travelling, or rather away from England, I get mistaken for being German a lot. It happened to me four times in one week before, my favourite being asking for a ticket for a national park in Croatia in English and being handed the map in German. This week, I was making my dinner and someone asked me a question – all I understood was the word professional, so then I asked them to repeat themselves and then I had to ask them to repeat themselves again… in English. Turns out they thought that I’m German.

Over the weekend, or rather my day off, I booked up with a small tour company to go on a road trip through the Great Ocean Road. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and hopefully in a few weeks time the weather will be good for it. I also looked into Tasmania which seems to be difficult, but possible, to do without a car. I’ll enjoy it more without being confined to a multiple day group tour though I might have to book a few one day tours. There’s a distillery that produces either the world’s best whisky or one of the best near Hobart so that will definitely have to be done.

Once again, I have a six day work week, four(ish) weeks left until I’ll start spending the money that I’ve been earning, and I’m bloody excited to do that.

Melbourne: Week Ten

I’ve been in Australia for ten weeks now, and it seems as though for the past eight I’ve done nothing but work, drink, wash my work uniform and pop to Woolies, which is pretty much the same as what I used to do living in London. This weeks’ four day work week turned into a six day – definitely had one of those phone calls when I hung up the phone and thought “bollocks.” With that said, I definitely am getting itchy feet again so I’ve come up with a rough plan to keep me going until February, so I’ll be leaving Melbourne in six weeks time, and in the meantime I’m intending on doing more touristy stuff. I highly anticipate that it’ll get left until the last week though.

During the week I worked 55ish hours; if I list what I’ve done during the evenings I think it’ll give the impression that I’ve drowned myself in alcohol. I’ve either gone for drinks or stayed in watching TV with a bottle of vino. Yesterday I went to the Banksy exhibition in Fed Square which was pretty cool, its a bit weird for me to to see something so London themed so far away from where I used to live.

This week is going to be the same as this one, heaps of work over six days. I have already finished day one which was pretty rough to say the least and ended up being over 12 hours long.

I was also featured on Jenny’s blog, Explore, Adventure, Discover, during the week, check it out here

Melbourne: Week Nine

This week has been pretty much the same as the past few; I have done pretty much nothing. Friday was a public holiday so I had the day off and ended up playing football with some people from the hostel in the park outside. Yesterday I had to change rooms in the hostel so I had to pack my bag for the first time in a month or so and it’s pretty much safe to say that I have my own personal off-license in there. I worked four days and been out for drinks a couple of times, but that’s as exciting as it has been.

I also figured that I should probably get my shit together and figure out when I should start travelling again, so there should be six more weeks of work, before going to Tasmania, Sydney then up the east coast to Cairns, Hong Kong then back to Australia to do my farm work.

Melbourne: Week Eight

I had a three day weekend which made a nice change – I decided to go to the food market in South Melbourne and found some amazing produce so I’ve had a fair few nice dinners. I also went to the National Gallery of Victoria which seems pretty good, but I think I’ll be returning on a day when I wake up with a half decent attention span.

During the week I did the same as usual: a lot of chilling and a couple of nights I went out for drinks. Over a few days a lot of the familiar faces in the hostel left so there’s a lot of new people who I probably should try and get chatting to, which should make the next week or so interesting. Hopefully there will be no nutcases.

This week I have another three day weekend so I’m hoping for the usual – a few drinks, maybe a piss up and some chilling.